PersonalityMD Personality Test Settings-PreferencesQ&A Settings

Return to the Settings Menu and tap Preferences.  Here you can make several choices about how you would like PersonalityMD to function.


Auto advance:  Check the Auto advance box to automatically go to the next question every time you enter a response.  This should significantly speed up your ability to answer questions—there are a lot of questions available!  If you would rather manually advance to the next question, just uncheck. Either way, you can always use the arrows at the bottom of the question screen to go back or skip ahead.

Post responses: In order to compare your results with other PersonalityMD participants, your responses need to be posted to the central PersonalityMD database. Keep this box checked to ensure your responses are recorded and are available for analysis. If you uncheck this box you can still go through the questions and analyses, but the Compare Me Module will be unavailable.

If you choose to disable “Post Responses” none of your information or data is sent to PersonalityMD or anywhere else; it remains only in your phone.

Send: If you do choose to post your responses, an added benefit is that your responses are backed up to our server and can be restored to your phone if it is lost or replaced. Normally, your responses will be backed up automatically whenever you access a comparison feature. Nevertheless, if you have entered a number of responses that you would like to have immediately posted, simply press the "Send" button. It may take a minute, but the button will disappear when the process is complete.