About You

PersonalityMD Personality Test Settings-Demographics"About you" Settings

Tap the Menu button and select Settings, then tap About you to enter some basic demographic information: your name, physical and email addresses and Facebook ID.

Please note that the country needs to be the abbreviated version (up to 3 characters) and that you should leave the State/Province entry blank if it doesn't apply to you

(This must be a Facebook ID, not the email address associated with your Facebook account, if you want other participants to be able to see your Facebook profile. If you don’t have an ID yet, you can create one in your account settings on Facebook.)

Next to each line is a checkbox.  Check the information you wish to publish (make publicly accessible) and uncheck anything you’d rather keep private.  While PersonalityMD doesn’t require you to enter all information, Name, City, and Country are required values.