PersonalityMD Personality Test comparisons settingsComparisons Settings

When comparing your responses to those of other participants, PersonalityMD will report up to the best 99 matches. You can adjust the number of matches you’ll see by changing the value preceding the “#” sign. You can also change the “%” figure to adjust how close to your own responses you’d like your matches to be.

Matches are determined by how great the differences are between your responses and those of the other participant. A match rated at 100% would mean all of your responses so far are identical to those of the other person, while a rating of 0% would mean the responses could not be more different.

For example, you could enter 50% and 99#. Your results will then be the nearest 99 participants whose responses have a 50% or higher match to your own.  A higher percentage match means a higher chance of like-mindedness. 

If you do not find any matches—or if you’d like to find more—lower the “%” number.  Looking for a potential soulmate?  Raise the bar!

Once you have entered or updated your Preferences information, click the Save icon in the upper right corner to return to the PersonalityMD main screen.