Compare Me

How closely matched are we?

PersonalityMD Personality Comparison Match MapMatches are displayed by location and percentage match

The percentage number will let you know. 

Matches are determined by how great the differences are between your responses and those of the other participant.  A match rated at 100% would mean all of your responses so far are identical to those of the other person, while a rating of 0% would mean the responses are polar opposites.  So, the higher the number is, the closer your responses are.

The information you see is what the other participant elected to make publicly available. At a minimum you will see their approximate location, but information may include their name, address or exact GPS/WiFi location data, email address and/or Facebook ID linked to their profile. 

Address information may not correspond with where you someone on the map if they have chosen to use GPS/WiFi location data and they are not at their usual address.  For example, someone from New York on vacation in Florida would appear in Florida if they’ve decided to use GPS/WiFi for their location.  They would appear in New York if they’ve decided to use their address for location instead.  (Remember, you choose what information other participants get to see about you in Settings.)