Compare Me

PersonalityMD Personality Comparison MenuChoose to view "People like me" or "People near me" from the Compare Me menu

The Compare Me menu lets you choose to view "People Like Me" or "People Near Me." Either way, the map will be centered on the location you have specified in Settings>Location: either your address as entered or your GPS/WiFi-determined location.

People Like Me

Select "People Like Me" to see participants who meet the match criteria you have entered in Settings>Preferences, with a number showing the percentage match from 100 (closest match) down to whatever “cutoff” percentage you have indicated in your match criteria (the % field in Preferences). Move around the map around to see where all of your matches are!

People Near Me

Select "People Near Me" to see participants closest to your location. The 20 people geographically nearest your location will display on the map, regardless of percentage match.

People You Know

Select "People You Know" to see participants you may know. You will be asked to enter a name. Up to 30 people who match the name you enter will be displayed on the map. Even partial matches will work, so "Jack" will also return "Jackson". Be as specific as possible to locate the particular person you want to compare your personality to.