Compare Me

PersonalityMD Personality Comparison Match MapA Google Satellite map will be centered on the location you have specified in Settings> About You, with markers showing you and your matches.

Have you met your match?  Perhaps you would just like to know if there is anyone like you!  In the Analysis Module you can see how your responses differ from the averages of all other participants, but Compare Me takes things a step further: PersonalityMD compares your responses to those of other individual participants, then shows you where your matches are!

Note:  For Compare Me to work, PersonalityMD requires that you first enter required information in About You, enable “Post Responses” in Preferences, and complete the Self Exam section in the Q&A Module (100 questions).

If you choose to disable “Post Responses” none of your information or data is sent to PersonalityMD or anywhere else; it remains only in your phone.

Please be patient as PersonalityMD compares your data with that of other participants and calculates your matches. Depending on your location information and the number of PersonalityMD participants in your area, this can take a few moments.